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He has supervised 02 PhD. He has 85+ research publications to his credit. He is founder member of International Conference on Soft Computing: Theories and Applications (SoCTA Series) ( and Congress on Advances in Materials Science and Engineering (CAMSE) (, Organising Sceretary in SoCPros 2015 and PC member in SoCPros 2014 and SoCPRos 2013. He has edited edited 7 volumes of Conference Proceddings published by AISC series of Springer Publication. He is Guest Editor in several International Journals like IJACI, IJAIP, IJSIR, IJAMC, IJAEC, IJISDC, IJPD. He is member in editorial board of national and international journals. He has acted as session and track chair in many national and international conferences. He has delivered Guest Lectures in the field of Swarm Intelligence, Nature Inspired Computing, Computational Intelligence in institution of national and international repute. He is founder member of SoCTA and RAACE Conference series. He is member of IET, IANEG, CSTA, and MIRS Lab.

Foreign Visits

Mauritius                      : On deputation at Amity Institute of Higher Education (AIHE) 2014

Singapore                    : To present paper research paper in IEEE SSCI 2013.

Australia                      : To present paper research paper in IEEE SSCI 2012.

France                          : To present paper research paper in IEEE SSCI 2011.

Malaysia                       : To present paper research paper in BICTA 2011.

USA                             : Personal Visit in 2010

Nature Inspired Computing

2009 - 2013

IIT Roorkee

PhD in Soft Computing



Evolutionary Algorithms


Engineering Applications

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